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World Boxing Federation Declares Mathis vs. Hammer No Contest

Posted on July 28 2014                                              Bookmark and Share
By: World Boxing Federation



July 28, 2014


Torben Seemann Hansen, Chairman
on behalf of the
Executive Committee of the World Boxing Federation

Ms. Christel Aujoux, on behalf of Anne Sophie Mathis, appealed the ruling of the World Boxing Federation womens world Super Welterweight championship between defending champion Mathis of France and challenger Christina Hammer of Germany in Dessau, Germany on July 26, 2014 on the grounds that:

a.) Three of four ring officials (which were appointed solely by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) due to the promoter requesting sanctioning from the World Boxing Federation only on the day of the bout) were from the country of the challenger, Germany;

b.) The (German) referee Manfred Kuechler never once warned Hammer about constant holding;

c.) The final punches of Mathis, which led to the termination of the bout due to Hammer being unable to continue, were perfectly legal;

d.) The referee acted improperly upon Hammer being knocked out.

As evidence, Ms. Aujoux included in her protest:

a.) Several internet articles on the bout;

b.) Video footage of round 5.

Maintaining that the correct result would have been W KO 5 in favour of Mathis, Ms. Aujoux requested that:

a.) The bout to be declared a No Contest as a result of the referee giving a wrong judgement and thus Mathis to be reinstated as World Boxing Federation womens world Super Welterweight champion;

b.) A rematch to be recommended.

After reviewing the evidence and taking into consideration the report of the World Boxing Federation supervisor on site, Jean Marcel Nartz, Vice President, the World Boxing Federation Executive Committee has unanimously decided as follows:

1.) The protest by Mathis is justified in its entirety.

2.) The World Boxing Federation will amend the result from Hammer W DQ 5 into NO CONTEST.

3.) Mathis therefore retains her World Boxing Federation womens world Super Welterweight title.

4.) An immediate rematch between Mathis and Hammer is strongly recommended.

5.) This ruling is final and not subject to any further appeals or protests.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 28th July 2014.

Torben Seemann Hansen
World Boxing Federation Executive Committee


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