The following boxers are suspended from contesting World Boxing Federation (WBF) titles due to violations of the WBF anti-doping rules.

 World Boxing Federation (WBF) Suspensions List
Name / Nationality: Date of Bout: Substance: Suspension: Until:
Yesica P. Marcos (Chile). 2.11.18. Cocaine.   2 Years. 1.11.20.
  Anti-Doping Procedure:

1.) The Executive Director informs the boxer respectively his representative about the result of the positive anti-doping tests and requests a written statement within seven (7) days, which may include the request of the B specimen analysis at the boxers’ costs, which he or his representative may attend at their choosing. Failure to submit such written statement within seven (7) days constitutes the full acceptance of the result of the anti-doping test.

2.) If, after considering his statement including all evidences submitted, the WBF Board members together with the WBF Medical Advisor find the boxer guilty of violating the WBF anti-doping rules, the mandatory suspension for all WBF championships will be two (2) years for the first offense and three (3) years for the second offense. Notwithstanding the suspension, the WBF Board may furthermore fine the boxer.

3.) After informing the boxer of its verdict, the boxer has seven days to appeal with the WBF Executive Committee, which ruling then shall be final.

4.) Upon closing an anti-doping case, the WBF may publish the offense and its ruling both on their own website as well as to online-record keeping services and inform the boxers licensing authority.

By participating in any WBF championship a boxer automatically waives all personal rights for confidentiality in regards to the result of his anti-doping test.


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