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World Boxing Federation (WBF) Year End Report 2018
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REPORT   Photo: 2018 has been one of the best years, and certainly the most active year for the World Boxing Federation (WBF).

"It's a joke. I know it's a joke, you know it's a joke, the fans know it's a joke," commented promotional legend Bob Arum famously, when a sanctioning body once introduced a rather silly concept called “Silver Titles”.

But while jokes are a subject of amusement, the on-going increase of meaningless belts, spearheaded by a group commonly referred to as “Big4”, has long lost any fun factor to serious fans. The latest of those stupid creations is a so-called “Global Title”. The mind boggles. There seems no end.

The truth is that the proliferation of new, meaningless and ridiculous belts being introduced, at a rapid rate, is simply to generate income and earnings.

Unless, that is, when it comes to the World Boxing Federation (WBF) – the ONLY boxing organization on the planet, which voluntarily restricts their titles!

We want them to have a meaning. We are not prepared, not now and not ever, to simply create a “title” because we do not have a vacant title for a promoter. We rather let other organizations belittle their integrity with superficial titles.

Yes, that’s true,” confirms WBF President Howard Goldberg, “we are now at the stage where more and more promoters turn to us and vacancies become less and less, but still it has never entered our minds to create superficial titles. To us, to create more and more titles shows how little respect there truly is for the sport.”

Goldberg, from South Africa and WBF president since 2009, is proven correct by the numbers:

The World Boxing Federation is celebrating its most successful year so far, because 2018 set a new record in terms of number of WBF championship bouts per annum – establishing itself as the 5th most-busy sanctioning body around. The statistics, indeed, make for impressive reading, especially in light of the remarkable self-restriction on titles that the WBF exercises.

In short:

- A total of 85 WBF championship bouts worldwide in 2018, surpassing the previous per annum record of 78 (in 2013).

- A total of 26 WBF championships bouts in Africa in 2018, a new per annum record for that continent.

- A total of 19 WBF championship bouts in Latin America (which includes Mexico) in 2018, a new per annum record for that region.

- A total of 570 WBF championship bouts the world over since the true original World Boxing Federation re-emerged in 2009.

- Worldwide WBF activity in 57 countries in all continents (bar Antarctica) since 2009.

In summary: The World Boxing Federation is an on-going success story over the last 10 years and edging closer to creating a new term in boxing, namely the “Big FIVE”!

Gratitude goes, most of all, to all the boxers who proudly hold or held the trademark blue WBF championship belt over the years. We will continue to grow, and grow with integrity, transparency and complete professionalism. Characteristics not always seen by others involved in boxing.

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