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A Belter Of A President
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NEWS   Photo: World Boxing Federation (WBF) President Howard Goldberg visiting Masis Boxing Belts factory in North Bergen, New Jersey.

On his most recent trip to the USA, South African WBF President Howard Goldberg made a stop in North Bergen, New Jersey to visit the factory of Masis Boxing Belts, manufacturer of the estimated blue and gold championship belts of the World Boxing Federation.

He was welcomed by owner Johnny Najjar, who has partnered with the WBF when the organization founded in 1988 in Tennessee was re-launched in 2009, and ever since each of the WBFs high-quality belts was produced in the little town, best known for being the home of former world heavyweight champion Jim Braddock.

Najjar and his uncle Joe took Goldberg through the whole production process inside the family business and the WBF head came away impressed:

Its incredible to consider the amount of craftiness and artistry it requires to produce just one single belt."

"That is part of why we are so proud to not offer our champions cheap mass production belts as so often is the case today, but a product that its worth fighting for and can proudly be handed over to your children and grandchildren long after your fighting days are over."

"The quality guaranteed by Masis Boxing Belts makes our WBF belt a belt for life.

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