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Encarnacion Beats Bauwens In Belgium To Win WBF Title
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FIGHT REPORT   Photo: New World Boxing Federation (WBF) Intercontinental Lightweight Champion Ruddy Encarnacion.

In October of 2010 Ruddy Encarnacion felt unlucky to only get a draw against Jean Pierre Bauwens, so he believed he had unfinished business in the long-awaited rematch on Friday night, December 1, with the vacant World Boxing Federation (WBF) Intercontinental Lightweight title on the line.

Once again the Spain-based Dominican War-Horse travelled to his opponents back-yard, as the second go-around took place at the same venue as the original encounter, the Topsporthal Vlanderen in Ghent, Belgium.

A loud and enthusiastic crowd did their part to push the local hero to victory, but to no avail. In a clash of former European Union Champions, Encarnacion was the more active and accurate puncher of the two, hell-bend to do everything in his power to get the victory this time.

After twelve entertaining rounds of boxing, the visitor got the unanimous decision as judges Jean-Marcel Nartz and Philippe Wouters scored the fight 116-112, while judge Mufadel Elghazaoui had it slightly closer at 116-113. Referee was Brahim Ait Aadi.

38-year-old Encarnacion, now 38-26-4 (18), has taken every challenge put in front of his since turning professional in 1999. He only won two of his first ten outings, but has since been an example that losing fights doesn't necessarily mean the end of the road.

Some would call him a gate-keeper, some might label him as a journeyman, but whatever the description he is a quality fighter, and Encarnacion has achieved more than most in winning Spanish, European Union and WBF Intercontinental championships.

Jean Pierre Bauwens, also something of a veteran despite being only twenty-nine, drops to 42-5-2 (24). Naturally very disappointed in the outcome against Encarnacion, he is still young enough to regroup and make another run.

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