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World Boxing Federation (WBF) Welcome In Spain
POSTED ON JUNE 30, 2017.
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NEWS   Photo: World Boxing Federation (WBF) Executive Director Olaf Schroeder and FEB President Mr. Domingo Matas Prado.

Very recently the WBF became part of the very exclusive and limited group of sanctioning organizations legally accepted by the Spanish sports ministry and the Spanish Boxing Federation (FEB) to operate in the country.

At a recent meeting in Madrid, WBF Executive Director Olaf Schroeder sat down with newly elected FEB President Domingo Matas Prado in the offices of the Federacion Espanola de Boxeo to discuss their cooperation, goals and visions.

We consider the FEB’s ‘stamp of approval’ a big compliment for the hard work the WBF has done over the years,” says Schroeder, “and we look forward to an honest and open partnership with the FEB. We always strive to give the sport an organization to be proud of, so hopefully Spain will become an important member country of the WBF.”

Matas Prado especially complimented the WBF on its new anti-doping rules, because the FEB President is a huge advocate of stringent controls. Just like, for example, in France, the Spanish Federation will conduct tests for all future WBF championship bouts in their country.

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