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World Boxing Federation (WBF) Tightens Anti-Doping Rules
POSTED ON MAY 17, 2017.
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ANNOUNCEMENT   Photo: The World Boxing Federation (WBF) Today announced tightening of their Anti-Doping Rules.

The World Boxing Federation (WBF) has today announced a unanimous board decision to tighten up the battle against doping in boxing, effective immediately.

Whereas suspensions of boxers found guilty of the usage of forbidden substances used to be handed out on an individual case-by-case basis, this practice was found ineffective and was thus now changed.

With the newly decided policy, the WBF enforces an automatic 2-year-suspension for WBF title bouts for every boxer violating anti-doping rules. For second time offenders, the mandatory suspension will be 3 years.

WBF Vice President Jean Marcel Nartz, who instigated these new anti-doping regulations, explains:

“We noted that many boxers still think using outlawed substances is not a big deal. However, it definitely is and it is the obligation of every boxer and his team who box for titles to educate themselves and make sure they are clean.”

“Anything else is unprofessional and unacceptable!”

Furthermore, Nartz points out, that even using seemingly harmless diuretics involves a high risk to fighters and that “the WBF hopes to bring a point across to everybody with our new policy.”

As part of this stricter rule, the WBF is now publishing details about anti-doping violations on their website and again reinforces that every boxer should study their Medical Guidelines, especially the paragraphs related to doping.

Also, the WBF Medical Advisor Dr. Adam Balogh is available for advice or further information:

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