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WBF Presentation Updated

Posted on August 4, 2015                                              Bookmark and Share
By: WBF.



A lot has happened since the World Boxing Federation (WBF) last issued its popular presentation in early 2014 and that is now taken into account in the latest updated version, now available in PDF format on this website.

It is not just that the statistics have changed, also many fresh faces all over the world became WBF champions and a lot of them are now featured in many outstanding and colourful photographs.

What has not changed, though, is the WBFs strict philosophy, the main point of course being the ongoing battle against the continued increase of meaningless titles thrown around elsewhere.

What boxing needs are less titles with more credibility, not the other way around as competing organizations seem to believe.

For more on the WBFs fight against such and similar wrongs in professional boxing, like the continued manipulation of ratings on most other shores, please read and hopefully also enjoy the positive trend the WBF aims to set our new presentation here.

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