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2018 World Boxing Federation Awards (Part 2 of 3)
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AWARDS   Part 2 of 3: The 2018 World Boxing Federation (WBF) Awards: Fight of the Year, Female Fight of the Year, Knockout of the Year.

The annual World Boxing Federation (WBF) Awards are launched in three parts.

In part two we announce winners of the Fight Of The Year, Female Fight Of The Year, and the Knockout of the Year Awards.

Part 3 to follow on January 15.

 Fight Of The Year
Vasil Ducar vs. Samuel Kadje

Intercontinental Cruiserweight Title (29.9 / Lille, France).

Previous Winners:

2017: Diego Diaz Gallardo vs. Michel Mothmora
2016: Christopher Sebire vs. Martin Antonio Coggi.
2015: Jan Zaveck vs. Sasha Yengoyan.
2014: Rafik Harutjunjan vs. Ilya Prymak.
2013: Laszlo Toth vs. Giorgi Ungiadze.
2012: Juan José Montes vs. Oscar Ibarra I.
2011: Ali Funeka vs. Zolani Marali I.
2010: Evander Holyfield vs. Francois Botha.
2009: Kreshnik Qato vs. Fabio Liggieri.


- What! A! Fight! When an Intercontinental battle is named “WBF Fight of the Year”, you just know it must have been something very special. And the clash of the two unbeaten fighters, staged on September 29 in the French city of Lille, really was.

Both Vasil Ducar, from the Czech Republic and 6-0-1, as well as Samuel Kadje, from France and 12-0, delivered a fight that won’t be forgotten easily. It was tough as nails, punches flying non-stop and both showed an outstanding desire.

Kadje was busier in a few crucial rounds, but that little bit extra he delivered ultimately proved his undoing. Nothing could dent Ducar, not even with a narrow points defeat staring at him when the last three minutes started.

After nine rounds, Kadje was in front on all cards, but the real drama was about to happen in the ultimate round. Desperate, but not disheartened, Ducar let it all hang out and 10 seconds from defeat, he had punched Kadje to a standstill, leaving the referee with no option but to save the Frenchman for another day.

You will have to go to many, many boxing shows to ever see again as many open mouths at the end of a match as on this unforgettable Lille night. Hats off, guys, enjoy your award!

 Female Fight Of The Year
Segolene Lefebvre vs. Yesica Patricia Marcos

World Super Bantamweight Title (2.11 / Douai, France).

Previous Winners:

2017: Bukiwe Nonina vs. Alesia Graf
2016: Hyun Mi Choi vs. Unathi Myekeni.
2015: Gabisile Tshabalala vs. Unathi Myekeni.
2014: Rola El Halabi vs. Victoria Cisneros.
2013: Raja Amasheh vs. Eva Voraberger.
2012: Holly Holm vs. Anne Sophie Mathis II.
2011: Christina Hammer vs. Maria Lindberg.
2010: Myriam Lamare vs. Lucia Morelli.
2009: Myriam Lamare vs. Ann Marie Saccurato.


- Sego” has developed into a real master of the sweet science. Not a puncher, as her record of 11-0 with just a single KO, clearly tells you - but, oh, can the girl box!

The challenger for her third WBF world Super Bantamweight title defense was far from a nobody. Yesica Patricia Marcos, from Argentina, came to France with just a single career defeat in 30 pro outings and as a former undefeated WBO/WBA world champion.

The fight wasn’t exactly breath-taking, but such a fantastic, world class demonstration of pure boxing skills with Marcos never even being in it, it just had to be our “WBF Female Fight of the Year”.

 Knockout Of The Year
  Abdallah Paziwapazi (Tanzania)

KO 6 Francis Cheka (26.12 / Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania).

Previous Winners:

No Previous Winners.





- A new category for us, because some Knockouts are simply crying to be remembered.

So it was when on Boxing Day 2018, a local grudge match took place in the Tanzanian capital of Dar Es Salaam between former WBF world champion Francis Cheka, the pre-fight favorite, and Abdallah Paziwapazi for the WBF Intercontinental Super Middleweight championship.

Amidst many words flying back and forth, they settled their animosity in the ring – and how. In round six, veteran Cheka found himself pressed against the ropes by the younger man, and never saw it coming.

Paziwapazi axed the 36-year-old by a monster of a right hook, as good a knockout as you will ever see, and the referee never bothered to even count. It will be hard to match when the 2019 awards come around in 12 months’ time.

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