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2017 World Boxing Federation Awards (Part 1 of 3)
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AWARDS   Part 1 of 3: The 2017 World Boxing Federation (WBF) Awards: Presidents Special Service Award, Referee Of The Year & Administrator Of The Year.

The annual World Boxing Federation (WBF) Awards are this year launched in three parts.

In part one we announce winners of the Presidents Special Service Award, Referee Of The Year and Administrator Of The Year.

Part 2 & 3 to follow in the coming days.

 Presidents Special Service Award
  Francois Botha (S.A.) & Uwe Hueck (Germany)

Previous Winners:
2016: Johnny Najjar (USA).
2015: Dr. Adam Balogh (Germany).
2014: André Martin (France).
2013: Jennifer Salinas (Bolivia).
2012: Oliver Heib & Bernhard Notar (Germany).
2011: Dr. Humbert Furgoni (France).
2010: John Sheppard (England).
2009: Anila Qato (Albania).


- Yes, at first view it’s an odd choice for 2017’s Special Service Award of the WBF President, but former WBF world heavyweight champion Francois “The White Buffalo” Botha and the Chairman of Porsche’s Workers Council from Germany, Uwe Hueck, hooked up, literally, for something truly worthwhile last year.

In late 2015, these two boxed 8-rounds in a so-called charity fight in Germany, with WBF boss Howard Goldberg being the referee, in aid of a children’s foundation supported by Hueck. In March of 2017, on the same card as two WBF world title fights, the pair met again, with Hueck returning the favour to Botha by coming to Khayeltisha, a township near Cape Town.

Again, the two “old geezers” laced on the gloves once more. The “result” doesn’t matter, what mattered was that Botha and Hueck raised enough money to fully equip six (!) gyms in the boxing-crazy township.

Furthermore, Porsche simultaneously launched their outreach program, which affords the opportunity to young adults, to be enrolled in the Porsche program culminating in employments with Porsche and Volkwagen once they have graduated.

This program is worth a huge amount to the South African economy. For this incredible event, and for the willingness of both Uwe Hueck and Francois Botha to do the charity fight the President’s Special Service award is given jointly to them.

 Referee Of The Year
  Tony Weeks (USA)

Previous Winners:
2016: Zbigniew Lagosz (Poland).
2015: Bertrand Chagnoux (France).
2014: Brahim Ait Aadi (Belgium).
2013: Edward Marshall (South Africa).
2012: Tonio Tiberi (Luxembourg).
2011: Juan José Ramirez (Mexico).


- Since around two decades, Las Vegas-resident Tony Weeks is considered a top-class referee. On world level, mind you. In 2017, Weeks arrived at the WBF and did so in style.

He was the third man in the ring at two WBF world championships in Mexico (one male, one female) as well as one WBF Intercontinental championship in the Philippines.

Possibly you didn’t notice him, but that only tells you how good the man is at what he does. We are certainly proud that the WBF is not only enticing fantastic boxers, but also fantastic officials.

Welcome in the WBF family, Tony Weeks, WBF Referee of the Year 2017.

 Administrator Of The Year
  Sergio Sotelo (Mexico)


Previous Winners:
2016: Christophe Hembert (France).


- Sergio Sotelo is with the World Boxing Federation since 2010 and after two low-key years with lots of ground work, he had his coming-out party with 18 WBF championships, mainly in Mexico, during 2012.

The best that could happen to him? Yes and no. Yes, because it proved his value and made him one of the most important WBF administrators. No, because suddenly some other organization, whose name we won’t mention here, felt threatened in their very own territory.

Suddenly, promoters in Mexico were free to choose their affiliation and turned to the WBF, tired of all those things that give boxing a bad name. Ever since, Sotelo is watched, WBF fights are attacked by threats, boycotts and blackmailing.

Still, Sotelo is battling on and does a great job to keep the WBF flag up and flying. We could well do with more people with his backbone and resilience. That’s why Sergio Sotelo is our Administrator of the Year.

See WBF Award winners from previous years in our Awards section.  


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